Today we are going to discuss about Digi mail. It is a service which provided to the VLE by CSC. We already know about CSC so in this article we will only focus on Digi mail and various things about it like password reset, login problems, etc. Firstly let’s discuss about Digi mail.

Digi mail CSC Center

Digi mail is an electronic mail service launched by CSC E-Governance Services India Ltd. It is hosted by Zimbra. Zimbra is a private company that provides the open-source server and client software for messaging and collaboration.

Digimail CSC has a Free Mailing Portal. All CSC VLE people receive their Digimail ID and  Password, on their Registered Email ID while applying New CSC. You can communicate with the CSC team by login Digimail. You can also mail to the CSC officials through Digimail so that they can easily know that you are a Registered VLE. 

Another advantage of Digimail is that CSC is now continuously providing information about each of its new services and any new Contest to all VLEs through Digimail, so you keep logging on to your Digimail login on a regular basis if you know more about Digimail Get information like Digimail Password Reset, Digimail Login Problem, Digimail OTP Error.

Digimail is an email service for consumers of CSC by CSC certificate that sends your login credentials to the email given in your Aadhaar card from which you can log in on digimail. You can keep your password the same or you can change it by going to the digimail CSC login page which is

Many VLE is having this problem, they are not able to login into Digi mail. Or if someone had done a new CSC APPLY, Digimail ID has arrived! But still, he is not able to login or if someone wants to change his Digimail password because he has forgotten his old password and he is having Digimail Login Problem, then how to reset Digimail? How to change? 

Now we are going to discuss this topic, so friends, if any Digimail Problem mentioned above is coming with you, then don’t worry, your problem will be solved completely, but for this, you must have a Finger Print Device.


How Do Reset Digimail Password?


  • You click on this link i.e
  • Here you have to enter your CSC ID and fill the Captcha and submit.
  • You will receive an OTP on CSC registered email, enter it, submit it.
  • Now you will see a page to authenticate your fingerprint, where you have to authenticate by giving your fingerprint.
  • After Fingerprint has been successfully certified, you will see the dashboard of MY Account.
  • Then you click on MY Account Setting.
  • Then click on the option i.e I want to change Digimail Password.
  • Now you will see two fields, first new password second confirmed new password.
  • After entering the new password, you have to click on UPDATE DIGIMAIL PASSWORD and your Digimail ID password will be changed.

Note – When creating a password, keep in mind that your Digimail Password must contain at least 8 digits or letters.

Secondly, your Digimail Login Password must contain at least one capital letter (A) and at least one small letter (a) and at least one numerical or any number from 0 to 9, and at least A special character ie (@ # $% & *) to be any of these.

In this way, your Digi mail password will be reset and after that,    you will be able to login to your Digi mail by going to CSC Digimail website,

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